Bangladeshi Radio Channel

  • Betar Bangla 1503 AM

    This is a radio station based in London, UK, that serves the Bangladeshi community. Betar Bangla was established in 2010 and is on air 24 hours a day, 7 days…

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  • Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM

    Radio Shadhin is an internet radio station based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was launched in 2013 and features mostly music of various genres aiming to serve listeners of all ages…

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  • Radio GoonGoon HD

    Radio GoonGoon was established in 2006 and currently broadcasts from China, Bangladesh and United States. Focused on the Bangla culture, it features a mix of folk, old songs and modern…

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  • Spice FM 96.4

    Broadcasting from the heart of Dhaka, Spice FM is a very active and modern radio station. Its schedule includes programs such as TAZZ Reloaded, Live with RJ Bong, Breaking Music…

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  • Radio Padma 99.2 FM

    This is a radio station located in Bangladesh. Radio Padma is available both on 99.2 FM and online. Its programming focuses mostly on information, national and international news and sports.…

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  • Radio Ekattor 98.4 FM

    Radio Ekattor 98.4 FM is a Bangladeshi FM radio Station. Initially only able to listen across Dhaka City but through our Website it is possible to listen from all over…

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  • Radio Next 93.2 FM

    Radio Next 93.2FM live broadcasting from Dhaka. Radio Next 93.2FM broadcast various kind of latest pop, rock, classic, talk, culture, dance, electronic etc. Radio Next 93.2FM streaming music and programs…

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  • Radio Dhol 94.0 FM

    Radio Dhol 94.0 FM is a new age Bangladeshi rock radio station, committed to support Bangladeshi Rock Music to compete with the world standards. Keeping the needs of Bangladeshi rock…

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  • Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM

    Radio Dhoni 91.2 FM is a new addition in Bangladesh’s radio community and its certainly the very first radio of its kind that is solely focused on playing some of…

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  • Jago FM 94.4

    Jago FM has evaluate with the aim to raise voice with all of their listeners through their programs. The radio is aimed to raise a voice against all the odds…

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