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Star World (formerly Star Plus) is an English language entertainment television channel originally launched in 1996 by Star TV in Hong Kong. It originally replaced Star Plus in East and Southeast Asia; Star Plus focused on Indian viewers since then. When Star Plus was converted into a Hindi entertainment channel, Star World was introduced in the region as an English entertainment replacement.

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The channel’s programming line-up mostly consists of entertainment television programmes from the United States, the United Kingdom and sometimes Australia to appeal to English-speaking locals as well as the expatriate population of South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.


Star Plus was first launched on 15 December 1991, showcasing international content from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

On 31 March 1996, Star TV split Star Plus’ beam into two, in effect, providing two separate services for different regional audiences within Star TV’s footprint. This enabled the channel to provide appropriate programming and viewing time for viewers from different regions in Asia. Star Plus would serve viewers in India and the Middle East from then on, while the new Star World channel welcomed those in East and Southeast Asia

Later, Star TV converted Star Plus into Hindi entertainment channel, and introduced Star World as English entertainment replacement in India and the Middle East. Earlier, Star TV had a joint venture with Zee Telefilms which uplinked Hindi channel Zee TV from Hong Kong. But that partnership was ended.

On 1 October 2017, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian version of Star World was rebranded to Fox Life. The Good Fight was the last program to air before re-brand (Bolt of Talent in Philippine feed). Star World brand remains in versions broadcast to the Middle East, Taiwan, India and South Asia.

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